Week commencing Monday 19th February: UK QUIZ

Something a bit different this week… a UK quiz! Can you answer the following questions?

1) What is the capital city of Wales?
2) What is the official address of the Prime Minister?
3) What is the telephone number for the emergency services?
4) What is the second biggest city in England (after London)?
5) At what age do UK children start school?
6) How many countries are there in Great Britain?
7) Where was William Shakespeare born?
8) What is a ‘quid’?
9) What is the highest value Bank of England note?
10) What famous fictional character lived at 221B Baker Street?


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THE SHELL GROTTO – a fascinating place to visit

There are plenty of great places to visit in and around Broadstairs, just a short walk or bus ride from the College.

One of these is the fascinating Shell Grotto in Margate, which is an ornate subterranean passageway. Almost all the surface area of the walls and roof is covered in mosaics created entirely of seashells, totalling about 190 sq metres of mosaic, or 4.6 million shells. It was discovered in 1835, but its age and purpose remain unknown. The Grotto is a Grade I-listed building and is open to the public. 

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LYNNE HOENES: Head of Marketing

Hello, my name is Lynne Hoenes. I first came to Hilderstone in 1999 as Marketing Assistant and now I am Head of Marketing. I work closely with the Principal to plan and oversee all of our marketing activity.

An important part of my role is to liaise with Educational Tour Operators who recruit students from around the world to study at Hilderstone, making sure they have the support and resources to promote the College well.

My job involves some travel: representing Hilderstone at education exhibitions and workshops, meeting students, parents, teachers and our overseas partners. I consider myself very lucky to have the opportunity to do this.

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SAM GRANT: Administrative Assistant / Tutor

Hi, my name’s Sam (short for ‘Samantha’). I first came to Hilderstone College back in 1997 as a summer teacher (while I was teaching in Slovakia), and have worked at many schools since. However, Hilderstone is such a great place to work that I’m really happy to be back here!
After twenty years of teaching, I’m excited to be working in a new job – I am based in the Marketing Department. I help the Head of Marketing with new group enquiries and we deal with our international partners that send many of our students to us. I assist with enrolments and liaise with all the departments – Finance, Academic and Accommodation – to make sure that everything goes smoothly. You will often find me in the Multi Media Learning Centre: this is one of my favourite places in the College because it’s nice and calm at the end of a busy day!

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Hi – I have been at Hilderstone for nearly four years now, working on all the courses from the teenage groups through to the IELTS classes and Teacher Development courses. I have worked in a number of diverse places around the world including, most recently, five years in universities in the Gulf, which was a fascinating experience. In a previous life I was also a language teacher, this time in a London secondary school.

Although I am a native of London, my base is in Broadstairs which, in addition to having much cleaner air and a beautiful coastline, boasts some unique places such as my two favourites The Chapel pub and The Palace Cinema. I am sure you will discover your own on your stay with us here.

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