QUIZ OF THE WEEK commencing 21st May 2018: ADJECTIVE + NOUN collocations

Can you match the adjectives with their noun collocations?

ADJECTIVES              NOUN
hasty                              divorce
mixed                             humour
total                                decision
bitter                              sports
fine                                  welcome
extreme                        disaster
warm                              dining
golden                            blessing
black                               fashion
vintage                           opportunity


Answers below!


QUIZ OF THE WEEK 7th May 2018: Summer Vocabulary

So… this week’ s quiz is all about vocabulary.

These anagrams are all things we associate with summer. It’s nearly here!

Can you unscramble the words? There is a clue after each one, to help you.

1) hnesnuis (We had lots of this at the weekend!)
2) cei mecra (Delicious!)
3) nmsimwgi (an activity)
4) dolyhai (I’m looking forward to mine!)
5) hnsgitnuab (a lazy activity)
6) erbeecuba (Where are the burgers?)
7) hacbe (We have lots of these in or near Broadstairs)
8) dnalssa (something you wear!)

Check the answers below.



Week commencing 19th March 2018 – ‘GET’ PHRASAL VERBS QUIZ

Can you put the correct phrasal verbs (from the list below) in the correct gaps? You may need to change the form (e.g. -ing form / tense).

get off with      get away with        get at (x 2)

get round        get over         get through        get across

1) Stop __________________ me! You’re always criticising!

2) His parents never discipline their son – he ____________
with everything!
3) “I bought you some flowers, darling.”
“Don’t try to _________________ me! You forgot our
4) It took her grandfather a long time to ____________ his
5) It’s difficult to ______ your point ______ to him – he never
6) I’ve been trying to call John all morning, but I can’t
____________ – I think there’s a problem with the connection.
7) The teenager who stole the car ____________ lightly
because he was so young – he just had to do some
community service.
8) I can’t ____________ the sugar, the shelf’s too high! Can
you reach it?

Answers below