QUIZ OF THE WEEK commencing 4th June 2018: ‘MONEY’ VOCABULARY

‘MONEY makes the world go round’, as we say in English….or is it ‘the root of all evil’? Whatever you think, it’s important to know some of the key words related to money and finance. Can you complete the words below?

1) My salary goes directly into my c_____t account every month.
2) Most people need a m______e from the bank to buy a house or flat.
3) Have you got any small c_____e for the coffee machine? I’ve only got a £5 note!
4) When you pay for something, the shop assistant gives you a r_____t.
5) We didn’t want a dessert, so we paid the b__l and went home.
6) At the bank, you speak to a c_____r if you want to take out money or have any questions.
7) These trousers were a b_____n – only £20! They normally cost £50!
8) My mum didn’t like the blouse I bought her, so I took it back to the shop to get a r____d.
9) Some shops and cinemas here give you a d______t if you are a student – usually 10% or 20% cheaper.
10) A salary is normally paid monthly, whereas a w__e is paid weekly.

When you have finished, check the answers below.


QUIZ OF THE WEEK commencing 21st May 2018: ADJECTIVE + NOUN collocations

Can you match the adjectives with their noun collocations?

ADJECTIVES              NOUN
hasty                              divorce
mixed                             humour
total                                decision
bitter                              sports
fine                                  welcome
extreme                        disaster
warm                              dining
golden                            blessing
black                               fashion
vintage                           opportunity


Answers below!


QUIZ OF THE WEEK 7th May 2018: Summer Vocabulary

So… this week’ s quiz is all about vocabulary.

These anagrams are all things we associate with summer. It’s nearly here!

Can you unscramble the words? There is a clue after each one, to help you.

1) hnesnuis (We had lots of this at the weekend!)
2) cei mecra (Delicious!)
3) nmsimwgi (an activity)
4) dolyhai (I’m looking forward to mine!)
5) hnsgitnuab (a lazy activity)
6) erbeecuba (Where are the burgers?)
7) hacbe (We have lots of these in or near Broadstairs)
8) dnalssa (something you wear!)

Check the answers below.



LOUISE CAMBRAY and ANGELA SILK, Accommodation Officers

Louise and Angela  are the Accommodation Officers for Hilderstone College.  Louise has been in the role of Accommodation and Welfare Officer for just over a year, coming from a background in education and safeguarding roles.  Angela is the Deputy Accommodation and Student Support Officer and has been in the role for 2.5 years, previously working with the homeless and for a local University. This is what they have to say about their work here:

‘Our job is to place our students with families in the Broadstairs community.  We ensure students are suitably matched to families in respect of dietary needs and any special requests as far as possible!  We work very closely with our homestay hosts and they become part of the team.  This includes visiting them in their homes, resolving any issues that may arise (usually due to communication!) with their students and supporting them in the very important role they play for Hilderstone students.  We have families that have been hosting for as long as 40 years and we work with new hosts all the time.  Hosting students proves to be a very rewarding experience and you really do get to meet some very interesting people from all over the world and some longstanding friendships are made.

We also ensure the students are happy and well cared for, including safeguarding our students, particularly those under the age of 18.  We work very closely with all of the departments in Hilderstone including marketing, who get the students here in the first place and the teaching staff.  Hilderstone College staff really do work as a team!

We both enjoy the role as it enables us to meet lots of people in our community and from all over the world and it is very satisfying when students go home having had the best experience and our hosts have enjoyed having them to stay!

If you would like to join us as a homestay host for Hilderstone and live in Broadstairs, then please do get in touch:-

By email – homestay@hilderstone.net                              By phone – 01843 869171


Instant CoursePricer now available on our website!

We are delighted to announce a new tool on our website, which makes it very easy to see the price of a course.  Just enter the dates and a few details and you will, in a few seconds, see a full price quotation for the course details you have entered.

It’s easy to use.  On the homepage, select Courses, and you will see a Get a Price option.  Click on it and select a course.  Enter your Start Date (Monday) and Finish Date (Friday), and any other options you want (e.g. insurance, accommodation, taxi transfer) and click the GET A PRICE NOW! button.

If you enter a few more details you will receive the quote in an email.



We hope this will be useful to our future students. We’d love to hear from you about our new Get a Price tool, provided by our partner ICEF.