Instant CoursePricer now available on our website!

We are delighted to announce a new tool on our website, which makes it very easy to see the price of a course.  Just enter the dates and a few details and you will, in a few seconds, see a full price quotation for the course details you have entered.

It’s easy to use.  On the homepage, select Courses, and you will see a Get a Price option.  Click on it and select a course.  Enter your Start Date (Monday) and Finish Date (Friday), and any other options you want (e.g. insurance, accommodation, taxi transfer) and click the GET A PRICE NOW! button.

If you enter a few more details you will receive the quote in an email.



We hope this will be useful to our future students. We’d love to hear from you about our new Get a Price tool, provided by our partner ICEF.

Week commencing 19th March 2018 – ‘GET’ PHRASAL VERBS QUIZ

Can you put the correct phrasal verbs (from the list below) in the correct gaps? You may need to change the form (e.g. -ing form / tense).

get off with      get away with        get at (x 2)

get round        get over         get through        get across

1) Stop __________________ me! You’re always criticising!

2) His parents never discipline their son – he ____________
with everything!
3) “I bought you some flowers, darling.”
“Don’t try to _________________ me! You forgot our
4) It took her grandfather a long time to ____________ his
5) It’s difficult to ______ your point ______ to him – he never
6) I’ve been trying to call John all morning, but I can’t
____________ – I think there’s a problem with the connection.
7) The teenager who stole the car ____________ lightly
because he was so young – he just had to do some
community service.
8) I can’t ____________ the sugar, the shelf’s too high! Can
you reach it?

Answers below

Week commencing 12th March 2018: GENERAL GRAMMAR QUIZ

Some mixed grammar problems for you this week! Can you correct the mistakes in these sentences?

1) I’ll be an astronaut when I grow up!
2) I’m sorry, I’m not understanding this question.
3) Have you any brothers or sisters?
4) I had a bath when the phone rang.
5) He has beautifuls flowers in his garden.
6) Their childrens are very young.
7) I don’t have some money.
8) I like most animals, but I don’t like the snakes.
9) I didn’t do nothing at work today!
10) I can’t afford buying that jacket.
11) If I will have enough money, I’ll go to the cinema.
12) This is the first time I’m eating kangaroo.

Answers and explanations below!


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