Week commencing 12th March 2018: GENERAL GRAMMAR QUIZ

Some mixed grammar problems for you this week! Can you correct the mistakes in these sentences?

1) I’ll be an astronaut when I grow up!
2) I’m sorry, I’m not understanding this question.
3) Have you any brothers or sisters?
4) I had a bath when the phone rang.
5) He has beautifuls flowers in his garden.
6) Their childrens are very young.
7) I don’t have some money.
8) I like most animals, but I don’t like the snakes.
9) I didn’t do nothing at work today!
10) I can’t afford buying that jacket.
11) If I will have enough money, I’ll go to the cinema.
12) This is the first time I’m eating kangaroo.

Answers and explanations below!


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Week commencing Monday 19th February: UK QUIZ

Something a bit different this week… a UK quiz! Can you answer the following questions?

1) What is the capital city of Wales?
2) What is the official address of the Prime Minister?
3) What is the telephone number for the emergency services?
4) What is the second biggest city in England (after London)?
5) At what age do UK children start school?
6) How many countries are there in Great Britain?
7) Where was William Shakespeare born?
8) What is a ‘quid’?
9) What is the highest value Bank of England note?
10) What famous fictional character lived at 221B Baker Street?


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