QUIZ OF THE WEEK commencing 30th April 2018: TENSE REVIEW

Can you correct the use of tenses/verb forms in these sentences?

1) This is the first time I am eating lobster.
2) Charles Dickens has written many novels.
3) I had a bath when the phone rang.
4) This time next week, I have finished my exams!
5) When I finished dinner, I had done the washing-up.
6) I have been writing thirty emails this morning!
7) ‘What nationality are you?’ ‘I am coming from France.’
8) I can’t come out tonight because I will have dinner with my


Check the answers below…


Here at Hilderstone, we have students from all over the world – so it’s important for our students to know the words for their nationalities!

Do YOU know the nationality adjectives for these countries?

Example: England – ENGLISH

1) Scotland
2) France
3) The Netherlands/Holland
3) Denmark
4) Switzerland
5) Brazil
6) Thailand
7) Peru
8) Iceland
9) Iraq
10) Taiwan

Answers below!


QUIZ OF THE WEEK commencing 9th April 2018: SPELLING

This week it’s all about that tricky issue of English spelling! Can you spot the spelling mistakes in these sentences? And can you correct them?

1) Apparently they had a big arguement and are no longer 

2) At the beginning of the meeting, the commitee members
discussed neccessary improvements to the town.

3) The Prime Minister was publicly embarrassed when her
deputy resigned without her knowlege.

4) It can be very stressful working in this bussiness, so it’s
important to have supportive colleges who you can depend

5) It’s a small independant music store, but it’s been very
succesful and has recieved several awards from the industry.

See below for the answers.

QUIZ OF THE WEEK commencing 26th March 2018: GENERAL VOCABULARY

Do you know the word in English for these definitions?

1) The area for pedestrians at the sides of the road
2) The thing people put their money and credit cards in
3) The pieces of material you hang up on your windows
4) The shop where you buy fruit and vegetables (not a
5) The thing you put across your chest when you are in a car,
for safety
6) The open shoes that you wear in the summer
7) A person who fixes your pipes and water problems.
8) A person who who looks after your children when you go out
9) A piece of jewellery you wear round your wrist
10) A large, important church.

See below for the answers!