QUIZ OF THE WEEK commencing 16th July 2018: Animal noises

Words for ANIMAL NOISES are not the same in all languages! Can you match the animal with the verb/noun we use in English for the sound it makes?

When you’ve finished, check your answers at the bottom of this page.

1) COW
3) PIG
5) CAT
8) BEE
9) DOG

a) quack
b) grunt
c) moo/low
d) buzz
e) baa/bleat
f) bark
g) neigh
h) squeak
i) roar
j) miaow


QUIZ OF THE WEEK commencing 2nd July 2018: Confusing words

CONFUSING WORDS. One word is wrong in each of these sentences. Can you find it and correct it?

1) My mother is a fantastic cooker.
2) She worked very hardly for the exam.
3) Could you borrow me some money?
4) Let me pay you a drink.
5) They said us that they came from Italy.
6) Oh no! I forgot my laptop at the library!
7) How high are you? About 1.70 m?
8) Can you remember me to call my mum?
9) I’m very interesting in history.
10) This house is so dirty – I must do some homework!

When you’ve finished, check the answers at the bottom of this page.




QUIZ OF THE WEEK commencing 25th June 2018 : Colour idioms

The missing words in these sentences are all COLOURS. Can you complete the gaps?

Then check the answers below.

1) If your bank account is in the _______, the bank will charge 
you overdraft fees.

2) ‘How often do you go to the opera?’
‘Oh, once in a _______ moon – it’s just too expensive!’

3) Wow, your garden is beautiful! You must have ________

4) Try to be positive about the situation. Every cloud has a
________ lining!

5) Try not to upset the boss this morning – he’s in a really
________ mood!

6) His face was ________ with fear.



INTERN DIARY: Valentina and Chiara


Hi! We are Chiara and Valentina and we are 19 years old. We are two Italian students who are going to university next year. Thanks to our school in Italy, now we have the opportunity to do an internship at Hilderstone College for 12 weeks. Here we work in different offices like Student Services and Accommodation, Resources, Finance and Marketing. We also help with social media, social activities, students file and personnel matters. in every office we have a mentor who explain to us what we have to do.  So far we have worked only for two weeks but for now it’s very interesting.  Sometimes our tasks are a little bit boring because we have to do a lot of work on the computer.

Thanks to this experience we are learning how to work in an office. We are also improving our English and meeting new friends, from all around the world, among the students.

The college also offers some social activities like sport (football, basketball, tennis and volleyball) or dance or talks about important subjects like politics or geography. There are also some excursions to give the students the opportunity to visit nearby cities and, more generally, England. For example, last weekend we went to London and we visited the British Museum and, on the first Saturday after our arrival in Broadstairs, we went to Canterbury and we visited the Cathedral.

The college is located in Broadstairs, a small town in which there are a lot of events like the fireworks on the beach.