LEEDS CASTLE: ‘The loveliest castle in the world’

Leeds Castle is not in Leeds! (The city of Leeds is in Yorkshire, about 250 miles from Broadstairs!) It’s actually in Kent, and is perfect for a Saturday day excursion from Hilderstone College.

The castle is often called ‘the loveliest castle in the world’ because it is so romantic and has such beautiful grounds and gardens.

In its past, it has been a Norman defence, the private property of six of England’s medieval queens, and used by Henry VIII, as well as a country home for the rich and famous. It is now one of the most visited historic buildings in Britain.

One of the most popular attractions at Leeds Castle is its Maze, created from 2,400 yew trees.  It’s great fun, even if you get lost for a while!






WALMER CASTLE: The lovely gardens make this castle special.

Walmer Castle  dates back to the time of Henry VIII (1491 – 1547) and was originally built as a defence fortress, but has evolved into a homely residence for many well-known names from the Duke of Wellington to the Queen Mother. Inside you can explore Wellington’s career, the story of his life and death and even see the original Wellington Boots. Outside there are beautiful, direct sea views and eight acres of magnificent gardens and woodland.

This is a regular Friday afternoon excursion from Hilderstone College.