Hever Castle is in our home county of Kent, about 80 miles/130 km from Broadstairs, so easy for a day out. The castle dates back 700 years in parts,and was the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII (He had six in total!). It has 125 acres of beautiful gardens, two mazes and a boating lake, as well as shops and restaurants.

Here is a video of one of our recent day trips there.


QUIZ OF THE WEEK commencing 21st May 2018: ADJECTIVE + NOUN collocations

Can you match the adjectives with their noun collocations?

ADJECTIVES              NOUN
hasty                              divorce
mixed                             humour
total                                decision
bitter                              sports
fine                                  welcome
extreme                        disaster
warm                              dining
golden                            blessing
black                               fashion
vintage                           opportunity


Answers below!


QUIZ OF THE WEEK 7th May 2018: Summer Vocabulary

So… this week’ s quiz is all about vocabulary.

These anagrams are all things we associate with summer. It’s nearly here!

Can you unscramble the words? There is a clue after each one, to help you.

1) hnesnuis (We had lots of this at the weekend!)
2) cei mecra (Delicious!)
3) nmsimwgi (an activity)
4) dolyhai (I’m looking forward to mine!)
5) hnsgitnuab (a lazy activity)
6) erbeecuba (Where are the burgers?)
7) hacbe (We have lots of these in or near Broadstairs)
8) dnalssa (something you wear!)

Check the answers below.



INTERN PAGE: Ivana talks about her experience at Hilderstone College

I have been doing an internship at Hilderstone College for 4 weeks now. My trainee programme covers every aspect of the College’s professional life.  My weekly schedule is very varied, which I really love. I have the opportunity  to be a part of every department at the College.  I assist the Finance department, Marketing, Accommodation and Welfare, and I also spend some time helping the Principal. During my internship I have learned about accounting, creating promotional materials and newsletters. I have been invited to a meeting with a new homestay family, interviews with students and I have also experienced shooting a video about the College.

I can honestly say I enjoy every day here. It is the best way I can gain practical and pragmatic experience and learn how to do the work well, rather than simply reading about the theory. A major advantage of internships is establishing relationships with working professionals in every field at the college, and then with students as well. A member of each department has always a reserved time for me, and they are like my personal and professional mentors.

Moreover, the College organizes a social programme every day. I have enjoyed a roller disco, folk dance and welcome evening, and I like the educational evening talks and other activities.

Doing a traineeship at the Hilderstone College is for me a great step on my path to being a lecturer in International Business. I am a member of a wider multicultural environment and can educate and practise school management from every field.   

LEEDS CASTLE: ‘The loveliest castle in the world’

Leeds Castle is not in Leeds! (The city of Leeds is in Yorkshire, about 250 miles from Broadstairs!) It’s actually in Kent, and is perfect for a Saturday day excursion from Hilderstone College.

The castle is often called ‘the loveliest castle in the world’ because it is so romantic and has such beautiful grounds and gardens.

In its past, it has been a Norman defence, the private property of six of England’s medieval queens, and used by Henry VIII, as well as a country home for the rich and famous. It is now one of the most visited historic buildings in Britain.

One of the most popular attractions at Leeds Castle is its Maze, created from 2,400 yew trees.  It’s great fun, even if you get lost for a while!






WALMER CASTLE: The lovely gardens make this castle special.

Walmer Castle  dates back to the time of Henry VIII (1491 – 1547) and was originally built as a defence fortress, but has evolved into a homely residence for many well-known names from the Duke of Wellington to the Queen Mother. Inside you can explore Wellington’s career, the story of his life and death and even see the original Wellington Boots. Outside there are beautiful, direct sea views and eight acres of magnificent gardens and woodland.

This is a regular Friday afternoon excursion from Hilderstone College.