Week commencing 19th March 2018 – ‘GET’ PHRASAL VERBS QUIZ

Can you put the correct phrasal verbs (from the list below) in the correct gaps? You may need to change the form (e.g. -ing form / tense).

get off with      get away with        get at (x 2)

get round        get over         get through        get across

1) Stop __________________ me! You’re always criticising!

2) His parents never discipline their son – he ____________
with everything!
3) “I bought you some flowers, darling.”
“Don’t try to _________________ me! You forgot our
4) It took her grandfather a long time to ____________ his
5) It’s difficult to ______ your point ______ to him – he never
6) I’ve been trying to call John all morning, but I can’t
____________ – I think there’s a problem with the connection.
7) The teenager who stole the car ____________ lightly
because he was so young – he just had to do some
community service.
8) I can’t ____________ the sugar, the shelf’s too high! Can
you reach it?

Answers below

Week commencing 12th March 2018: GENERAL GRAMMAR QUIZ

Some mixed grammar problems for you this week! Can you correct the mistakes in these sentences?

1) I’ll be an astronaut when I grow up!
2) I’m sorry, I’m not understanding this question.
3) Have you any brothers or sisters?
4) I had a bath when the phone rang.
5) He has beautifuls flowers in his garden.
6) Their childrens are very young.
7) I don’t have some money.
8) I like most animals, but I don’t like the snakes.
9) I didn’t do nothing at work today!
10) I can’t afford buying that jacket.
11) If I will have enough money, I’ll go to the cinema.
12) This is the first time I’m eating kangaroo.

Answers and explanations below!


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